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Integrated media in change (2nd, revised edition)

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The book brings together original articles that make visible international and cross-disciplinary research results, putting forward an interesting variety of findings that offer a look into the possible future of media.

Media is a concept as mobile and flexible as media themselves. Media are global, but at the same time local. They are used by individuals, but also by the masses. They are shared, as well as private. The media landscape is moving and changing. Traditional journalism is being integrated into social media. Once created merely to inform us, media today have chosen to entertain us as well. It is to illuminate this movement and diversity that Integrated Media in Change was written.

The publication owes its inspiration to the project “Integrated Media”, which brought together Nordic researchers who shared a curiosity about the topic and opened up new co-operation between the media in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The work embraces two aims: to present the information structures underlying design and visual communication and to outline the relationship between traditional and social media. The contributing authors are professors, lecturers and scholars in of media, visual communication, the social sciences and media technology.


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1. Information Structures in Design and Visual Communication

Suvi Ronkainen
Goals, Tasks and Uses of Knowledge: Mixing Methodologies in Interdisciplinary Research

Riitta Brusila
Design Structures and Meanings

Yiyun Zha

Editorial Creativity in News Websites: the Three Dimensions of Hierarchy, Sequence and Consistency 

Silja Nikula
Narrative Potential in My Graphic Images

Hannu Vanhanen
The Paradoxes of Quality Photographs: Slow Journalism in National Geographic 

2. The Relationships between Traditional and Social Media

Altti Näsi
The Reader’s Image: Amateur Photographs in the Finnish Newspaper 

Ann-Kristin Juntti-Henriksson
Social Networking among Media Students in Northern Sweden: Facing the Facebook Culture

Marit Aure, Ellen Brox, Ingar Arntzen & Njål Borch
Shaping Community and Technology: Testing New Technology at a Norwegian International Youth Film Workshop

Fahmidul Haq
Online Journalism in the Developing World: the Case of Bangladesh

Mohammad Ofiul Hasnat
Digital Transformation of News Media: Social Media in Mainstream Journalism


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