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Meidän Kalevalamme / Our Kalevala

« Back13.5.2009 12:19

Young illustration in honour of the 160th anniversary of The Kalevala. This book is bilingual: Finnish and English.

Could the world of The Kalevala be built of Lego blocks? Is Lemminkäinen a cockerel with his red crest? And are the maidens of Manala, the realm of death, three
Barbie-like graces?

Our Kalevala presents new and fresh visual interpretations of the stories of the Finnish national epic. The illustrations were made in the fantasy illustration course in University of Lapland, Faculty of Art and Design, during the academic year 2007–08. The techniques of the pictures vary from water colour to paper and item collages, scraper-board, printing, photography, mixed media and PC-aided illustration.

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