People, International Projects and Public Administration: Interpreting the International Human Resource Management Frame


Ville Kivivirta

Internationalisation has affected the ways in which work is organised and how people work. In business schools the human dimension of international management research has often been assigned to a separate field of research called international human resource management or IHRM. However, the rapidly developing field of IHRM has been crying out for more research that takes place in the public sector context.

In People, International Projects and Public Administration IHRM and social sciences vocabularies are mobilised to understand the issues related to international assignments and project work in public administration. Studying the experiences of individuals, the book develops a range of insights into ways to conceptualise the issues related to management of international work. This lively text also problematises the assumptions of mainstream management theorising and examines the role of critical approaches, setting an exciting agenda for future public sector IHRM studies.

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