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Politics of Development in the Barents Region

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Raising and supporting further debate on sustainable development in the Barents Region.

his book is based on multidisciplinary research cooperation between Nordic and Russian researchers to study recent political, economic and social developments in the Barents Region. The collection of articles suggests that the Barents Region is a site of multiple, often competing strategies for sustainable development.



Contributing authors
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Chapter 1
Monica Tennberg, Larissa Riabova and Aileen A. Espiritu:
Introduction to politics of development in the Barents Region

Part I Rationalities of governing

Chapter 2
Larissa Riabova: 
State policy in the Russian North,its social outcomes and the Barents cooperation

Chapter 3
Md. Waliul Hasanat: 
A unique arrangement of soft-law cooperation in the Barents Region

Chapter 4
Anna-Maija Matilainen: 
Forest companies, corporate social responsibility and legal pluralism in the forest sector in Russia

Chapter 5
Stefan Walter: 
Climate change in the North – a complexity problem

Part II Governance in practice

Chapter 6
Vladimir Didyk: 
Sustainable development and local self-government in the Russian part of the Barents Region

Chapter 7
Eini Laaksonen: 
How to succeed in international project marketing: Identifying challenges of Finnish projects in the Murmansk region

Chapter 8
Luc Ampleman: 
Transportation planning and sustainable development in the Far North: The main barriers and potential avenues

Chapter 9
Maria Tysiachniouk: 
Fostering sustainability through the supply chain: Soft laws and trust markers as drivers of social change in Russian communities

Chapter 10
Karolina Banul: 
Mapping renewable energy policies in the Barents Region from a multi-level governance perspective

Part III Governing everyday life

Chapter 11
Nils-Gustav Lundgren:
Far away, cold and windy! Are Swedes happy in the North with their lives?

Chapter 12
Soili Nystén-Haarala and Antonina Kulyasova:
Rights to traditional use of resources in conflict with legislation. A case study of Pomor fishing villages on the White Sea coast

Chapter 13
Nafisa Yeasmin:
Life as an immigrant in Rovaniemi, Finland

Chapter 14
Heidi Sinevaara-Niskanen: 
Gender, economy and development in the North

Chapter 15
Monica Tennberg, Aileen A. Espiritu, Larissa Riabova and Julian Reid:
Conclusions and some suggestions for future research

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