Qualities of Simplicity in Designing Interactive Art


Tomi Knuutila

Qualities of Simplicity in designing interactive art presents a constructive design research process in the field of Interaction design. The study documents the creative process of an interactive art installation Climatable. As a result, from designerly practice and research and user experience evaluations, the research defines the concept of simplicity as a set of qualities: reduction, organisation, affordances, tangibility, intuitiveness and familiarity.

The main outcome of the research is the discussion around the Qualities of Simplicity — how they can aid designing interactive art and on the other hand how they are experienced in interactive artefact encounters. The qualities are used to construct a Simplicity Framework, and mapped to a Simplicity Matrix related to the artwork Climatable. The framework and the matrix are evaluated to provide deeper understanding of the applicability of the framework and the matrix for Interaction design practice and research.


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