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Relate North: Art & Design for Education and Sustainability


Bringing together the work of researchers, scholars and artists whose professional activity centres on the fields of contemporary arts, design, art education and sustainability.

In general, the Relate North series helps advance our understanding of art and design education, particularly among people living in Northern and Arctic areas. This particular volume, the fifth in the series, focuses on the inter-relationship of art, design and education for sustainability. Contributing authors provide fascinating accounts of current research and praxis in several northern countries including Canada, Finnish Lapland, Scotland and Sweden.

Art and Design Education for Sustainability will be of interest to a cross section of the art and design education research community which may include, for example, art and cultural historians, sociologists, artists, designers, art educators and practice-based researchers. In addition, the book will be of use to undergraduate art and art education students, postgraduate students in the arts and policy makers concerned with northern issues relating to art, design, education and sustainability.

Timo Jokela & Glen Coutts (eds.)
Relate North: Art & Design for Education and Sustainability
ISBN 978-952-310-929-2 (printed work)
ISBN 978-952-310-928-5 (PDF)
133 pages

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Table of Contents:

Timo Jokela & Glen Coutts

Lindsay Blair
Reconfiguring the Historical Ontologies of Northern Communities in the Art of Will Maclean

Jonna Häkkilä & Milla Johansson
Arctic Design for a Sustainable, Technological Future

Tarja Karlsson Häikiö
Art-Based Projects as Cultural Tools for Promoting Sustainability in Preschool and Compulsory School

Antti Stöckell
Making Wooden Spoons Around the Campfire: Dialogue, Handcraft-based Art and Sustainability

Timo Jokela & Glen Coutts
The North and the Arctic: A Laboratory of Art and Design Education for Sustainability

Jessica Hein
A Geography of Earth and Sky: Parallel Practices of Walking and Drawing

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