The (dis)organized sleeping body: transgressing boundaries


Tarja Salmela

This dissertation tells a junior researcher’s story when engaging with an affective and intimate auto-ethnography that investigates the (dis)organized sleeping body in practices of organizing.

Evolving into a multi-disciplinary research process, the dissertation draws from organization studies, tourism studies, psychoanalysis and socio-cultural studies on sleep. The dissertation introduces the conflicting role of sleep and dreaming and suggests that they hold uncanny force, leading the reader to consider the unexplainable, affective, and irrational side of organizations.

Sleep and dreaming disrupt organizational fulcrums by providing a path into another reality that escapes symbolic constructions and conscious comprehension. As such, they have the power to reveal the underlying fantasy of organization.

The dissertation transgresses the borders of conventional knowledge production both through its focus on sleep and dreaming and through the recognition of the powerful potential of auto-ethnography to address repressed forms of organizational subjectivity.

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