Total Festival Experience: A Mixed Methods Research Approach to Consumer Experiences in Finnish Cultural Festivals


Maarit Kinnunen

The festival experience is one of the main motivations for attending a festival. Furthermore, festival experiences contain elements that can be used in building the festival brand; that in turn, increases loyalty, positive media coverage, ticket sales and sponsors’ interest.

The overall aim of this study is to construct a model of the total festival experience consisting of elements present in festivalgoers’ experiences. Additionally, the possibility of differences between these elements regarding positive and negative experiences is examined and if festival genre has any influence on their importance.

The study contains data from 17 cultural festivals all around Finland representing five genres: rock music, classical music, dance, film and visual arts. Nearly 2,000 festivalgoers contributed to the research data. The work adds to the festival experience knowledge, emphasising the importance of participants, their socialising and code of conduct for the co-creation of a festival atmosphere.

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