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Visually Provoking: Dissertations in Art Education


A dynamic collection of visually oriented research about current doctoral studies from international art educators

This timely book contains a splendid variety of essays in the diverse and developing area that is visual inquiry & doctoral study in art education. With eloquently presented studies, conducted by art educators using a range of art-based methods. The richly illustrated investigations from ten countries, mean that there is something for everyone in this volume. Whether you are an artist, educator, researcher; or consider yourself a combination of all three, I believe this is a necessary addition to your bookshelf.

Glen Coutts, President-Elect, International Society of Education through Art


Visually Provoking: Dissertations in Art Education
Anita Sinner, Rita L. Irwin & Timo Jokela (Eds.)
ISBN 978-952-310-937-7 (printed work)
ISBN 978-952-310-936-0 (pdf)
243 pages

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Editorial Note

Entries into Visually Provoking: Dissertations in Art Education
Nadine M. Kalin

I ENcountering

Pedagogical Reform: From a Field Trip to an A/R/T Field Trip
Jun Hu

Artistic Action for Sustainability: Developing Practice-Led and Practice-Based Expertise through a Joint Degree from Iceland and Finland
Ásthildur Jónsdóttir, Allyson Macdonald & Timo Jokela

A/r/tography: A Fluid Relationship of Theory, Time and Place
Sophia Chaitas, Georgia Liarakou & Vasilis Vasilakakis

Through the Looking Glass: Reflecting on an Embodied Understanding of Creativity and Creative Praxis as an A/r/tographer
Kathryn S. Coleman

The Structure of PhD Programs in Egyptian Art Education
Samia ElSheikh & Bilal Makled

Researching Education through Visual Instruments in A/r/tography: Photographic Images in Doctoral Dissertations
Joaquin Roldan, Jaime Mena-de-Torres & Noemi Genaro-Garcia

Surrounding Experiences: How my Dissertation Used Embodied Arts-Based Data Created through Live-Action Roleplay
Jason Cox

II ENfleshing

Where Should We Begin to “Rethink” Ourselves? ArtEducation: A Tale That Emerges from a Collective
Mª Jesús Agra Pardiñas & Cristina Trigo Martínez

Provoking Curating: Listening for the Call of the Cloth
Laura Lee McCartney

An Alarming Journey
Jackie Batey & Linda Knight

Revealing the Photo Book as an Arts-based Educational Research Tool
Geraldine Burke

Doing Research-Creation through a Multi-Fabric Wedding Dress
María Ezcurra

Beginning in the Middle: My Liminal Space of ‘ma’:
Yoriko Gillard

Conversation as Medium: Mapping out Interviews with Canadian Artists
Alison Shields

III ENtangling

Research Techniques in Visual A/r/tography: Visual Quotations and their uses in Photo Series and Visual Average
Ricardo Marin-Viadel, Rafaele Genet-Verney & Xabier Molinet-Medina

Beyond the Visual: Alternate Ways of Thinking the Role of Images in Educational Research
Mariane Blotta Abakerli Baptista

Mise-en-scène: Troubling the Vexations of Visual Arts Dissertations in Education in Australia
Alexandra Lasczik

Reflections of the Tide: The Adventure of the Woman and the Sea
Darlene St. Georges

Performing Interventions: A Practice-led Approach to Doctoral Research
Natalie LeBlanc

“Stitching” Voices into the Patchwork Quilt of Qualitative Research
Gai Lindsay


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