Polar Law Symposium

13.11.2017 9:00–14.11.2017 20:00
Pohjoisranta 4
96100 Rovaniemi

The 10th Polar Law Symposium will be organized by NIEM at the Arctic Centre in Rovaniemi, Finland. The theme of the symposium is Global and Local Governance of the Poles: Law, Policy and the Promotion of Cooperation.​

Each year the Symposium brings a great number of renowned scholars, post-doctoral and doctoral researchers from all across the world to share research-based scientific knowledge on diverse polar relevant issues. Leading experts in the field of both Polar Law and Policies are invited to give keynote lectures. The purpose of the Symposium is to examine, in detail, the implications of the challenges faced by the Polar Regions for international law and policy and to make recommendations on appropriate actions by states, policy makers and other international actors to respond to these emerging and re-emerging challenges.

The symposium is integrated with the bi-annual Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference, to be held from 14–16 November 2017.

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