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Orientation start for new international students

New students have arrived on campus - find out why


This day has been an exciting one for everybody at University of Lapland, as there has been approx. 800 new students wandering around the campus.

The Autumn semester started today. We have around 800 new students, 200 of them being new international students. This stay started with an orientation and getting to know each other. We also asked our students, why did they chose University of Lapland. Here's what we heard today:

I chose University of Lapland because of...

... Finnish education system

... skiing, adventures, new experiences

... northern lights, reindeers and Santa!

... I wanto to find out why Finland sold Nokia

... I wanted to start my life again

... I want to go out of my comfort zone.

Does any of these sound tempting to you? Join us for exchange, Master's or PhD studies.