General Information

 Travel to Rovaniemi

The following airlines fly to Rovaniemi at the time of the Conferment Event: Finnair and Norwegian

Information about train connections can be found in

The Rovaniemi Airport is located app. 8 km north from the city. The railway station is 1.5 km from the centrum (no local bus connections to the centrum available).

From the Airport to the Centrum
Airport Express bus connection from the airport to the city takes 15 minutes / 5 EUR. The bus leaves immediately after flight arrivals. The bus goes toy way of the centrum hotels to the bus station.  Consult you hotel reception at what time Airport Express picks up customers from hotels to the airport. Airport Express takes customers also elsewhere by request. Queries: +358 16 362 222.


Airport Tax is at the airport at the time of flight arrivals.  Airport Taxi takes several customers at a time and takes them to the area of Rovaniemi City. The price is € 10 / person. Rovaniemen Aluetaksi Oy [The Rovaniemi Regional Taxi Ltd.]: From the airport to the city by a regular taxi app. 20-25 EUR, tel. +358 16 106 410.

Transportation in Rovaniemi
The conferment bus transportation is arranged according to the following schedule:

The promovendi:
Thursday: Centrum – Lappi Arena -Centrum (Conferment rehearsal)
Friday: Centrum – Lappi Arena – Centrum (The Act of Conferment); The occasion continues in the form of a celebratory  procession from the centrum to the Rovaniemi Church

All participants (Friday evening):
- Centrum – Santa Park (The Conferment Dinner)
- Santa Park (via centrum) – Lappi Arena (The Conferment Ball)
- Lappi Arena – Centrum (Bus transportation at 1 a.m. – 3 a.m.)

Details of the transportation schedule will be announced closer to the event.

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Registration, accommodation, and practicalities:

Rovaniemi-Lapland Congresses
University of Lapland
P.O. Box 122, 96101 Rovaniemi, Finland
tel. +358 40 721 8260 and +358 40 484 4462
fax: +358 16 362 940

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