Arctic Europe’s university rectors establish the Arctic Five partnership (16.11.2017)
On November 16, during the Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit conference, representatives of the five universities of Arctic Europe met together under the umbrella of the Arctic Five to broaden cooperation in the region.
Doctoral dissertation: The comparative study of laws requires reflection on the ethical position of the researcher. (13.11.2017)
Studying different laws comparatively raises many fundamental theoretical issues, which are dwelled onto by Emma Patrignani in her recently completed article-based dissertation. Ideas drawn from neighbouring disciplines, such as philosophy, social sciences epistemology and anthropology, are made to interact with law: in this case the conception of otherness, the understanding of pluralism and the meaning of context are studied as basic theoretical issues that determine the methodological choices of the comparatist. The thesis advances an attitude toward comparativism as an academic endeavour that embraces complexity theory and that reflects on its own epistemological status.
New book on Finnish Art-Education (8.11.2017)
Experimenting FADS, Finnish Art-Education Doctoral Studies An Innovative Network for PhDs brings together individual and collective voices of researchers, students, and academics to advance experimental and entangled doctoral studies in art education. The story of FADS is situated in the past, present, and future of graduate research in Finland, and arts-based and artistic research across the globe.
University admissions to change: certificates to provide more opportunities, other routes developed (7.11.2017)
Student admission based on upper-secondary school certificates and matriculation examinations is becoming one route to university. The system is currently under development with the help of a tool created for scoring matriculation examination grades.
Kaarina Määttä and Antti Syväjärvi appointed vice rectors at the University of Lapland (2.11.2017)
In its meeting on 31 October, the Board of the University of Lapland appointed Professor Kaarina Määttä Vice-Rector for Education and Antti Syväjärvi Vice-Rector for Research. Their terms begin on 1 January 2018 and will run until 31 December 2019.
Dissertation: Differences between member states’ constitutions translate into unequal influence on the development of the European Union (26.10.2017)
The primary treaties of the EU state that member states are equal before Union law. Yet, as Tomi Tuominen demonstrates in his dissertation, some national courts are in a better position than others to engage with the Court of Justice and thus to influence development of the Union. Mr Tuominen finds the reasons for this disparity in the differences between the constitutions of the member states.
New book on 3D printing (25.10.2017)
Wolters Kluwer has released “3D Printing, Intellectual Property and Innovation: Insights from Law and Technology” edited by Rosa Maria Ballardini, Marcus Norrgård, Jouni Partanen. This is the first book to discuss 3D printing technology from a multidisciplinary perspective that encompasses law, economics, engineering, technology, and policy.
Do not click phishing messages (20.9.2017)
If you get the message like below, please, do not click the “LOGIN” –link included in the message. The link forward the user to the phising web site.
New network will foster the international research cooperation related to migration in the Arctic (6.9.2017)
New Arctic Migration thematic network of the University of the Arctic (UArctic) focuses on newfound problems and challenges in the field of migration along the side of the already existing ones. The overall objective is to establish and build an international network of scholars, experts, influencers and policy makers to solve out the challenges and problems related to migration in the Arctic.
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