Memorandum of Understanding on Academic Cooperation between University of Lapland and European University at St. Petersburg (26.4.2017)
A cooperation agreement has been signed between the University of Lapland and the European University at St. Petersburg. The Memorandum of Understanding on Academic Cooperation has reconfirmed the long-standing friendship between two institutions whose cooperation has been developing over the recent years, especially in the field of Arctic social research.
Teacher Education Project Receives SDWG Endorsement (12.4.2017)
The project “Teacher Education for Diversity and Equality in the Arctic” was approved as a new project for the Arctic Council's Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG) in their meeting in Kotzebue, Alaska in February 2017. Finland, Canada, Norway and Russia will co-lead the project.
Vaana design exhibition from the Faculty of Art and Design at Milan Design Week (4.4.2017)
The University of Lapland is this week present at Milan Design Week, Italy, with an interactive design exhibition entitled ‘Vaana’. Vaana is an interactive space created by design students from the Faculty of Art and Design in collaboration with The Naked Approach research project.
University of Lapland’s Environmental Programme for the years 2017–2019 has been published (21.3.2017)
University of Lapland’s Environmental Programme has been published. Released programme includes goals and actions for the improvement of environmental issues in our main campus for the years 2017-2019. Aim is to decrease the noticed environmental impacts and increase environmentally friendly activity without compromising work or study conditions.
Doctoral defence: Rethinking Computer-Based Simulation (17.3.2017)
MA Paula Poikela’s study investigates the potential of the author’s Introduction, Simulation, Scenario, Debriefing (ISSD) model in developing computer-based simulation environments conducive to knowledge creation.
Exhibition: Arctic Infection – a personal glimpse into life on Kola-Peninsula (18.1.2017)
A cup of tea, a frozen cemetery, concentrated preparations before a reindeer racing, a lonely wooden toilet in a frosty landscape, hard physical labour in the reindeer coral, colourful northern lights, cute reindeer faces and brought smiles – every image is like a unique window enabling to catch a glimpse of Kola-Penisulan life. Opening ceremony of Christian Schmetz's exhibition "Arctic Infection" took place at the Faculty of Art and Design on Monday, January 30th.
Research Workshop on “Advancing Elderly People’s Agency and Inclusion in the Changing Arctic and Nordic Welfare System” (AEPA-Wel) (17.1.2017)
Research workshop on ‘AEPA-Wel’ will bring together scholars from multidisciplinary background to initiate discussions on different issues concerning older people in the Arctic. The workshop will be held at the University of Lapland from 26th -27th of January, 2017.
MUM 2016 conference was held in Rovaniemi (15.12.2016)
The 15th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia 2016 gathered 70 researchers to the University of Lapland on December 12.-15.2016.
Doctoral defence: Climate Change and Security in the Arctic – The Relevance of Feminism? (9.12.2016)
In spite of the obvious threats that climate change poses to both the natural environment and human security, states of the world have been slow to react. What political and economic interests and cultural values are preventing the international community from addressing this important issue in an effective way? Auður H Ingólfsdóttir explores this question in her doctoral dissertation using a case study approach in one Arctic state – Iceland – to explore climate change impact, policy discourses, and the values underpinning those discourses.
Doctoral defence: Development policy produces many and varied forms of governance (5.12.2016)
The concept of development is at the core of the liberal international order. All member states of the UN have committed themselves to the Sustainable Development Goals, and most Western countries consider development to be a key tool in foreign policy. At the same time, the notion of development is an integral element in the modern conception of the human being and in the modern political imagination. In her recently completed thesis, Suvi Alt reveals that what often appears to be a self-evident undertaking – promoting development – is in fact a problematic ambition, precisely because the principles that drive it seem politically neutral.
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