Arctic 100 Expedition on multipurpose icebreaker Nordica through the Northwest Passage in July 2017 (4.7.2017)
What is it like to spend a month on a multipurpose icebreaker sailing through the Northwest Passage? How does global warming affect the sea and ice conditions near the North Pole? How does it feel to spend a month on an icebreaker cruising through uninhabited regions?
Doctoral thesis: Artistic Actions for Sustainability: Poteantial of art in education for sustainability (28.6.2017)
In her doctoral research Ásthildur B. Jónsdóttir focussed on the potential of art in education for sustainability in the context of teacher education and art creation.
Doctoral thesis: Arctic energy – a lot more than oil, gas and jobs (12.6.2017)
The energy resources of the Arctic figure prominently in today’s energy debates, be the forum political, public or scientific. In her thesis, Hanna Lempinen, MSocSc, MA, takes a critical look at the definitions that frame the understandings of energy and its societal dimensions in these discourses.
Tuõddri Peeʹrel - Pearls from the Tundra exhibition in Arktikum (9.6.2017)
The exhibition at the Arktikum Science Centre in Rovaniemi introduces the audience to Skolt Sámi culture, handicrafts and traditions. The fascinating photographs convey the beauty of the surroundings of the Skolt Sámi and the richness of their culture. They show us details of the Skolt Sámi clothing tradition, skillfully crafted objects, and a living Skolt Sámi culture.
Dissertation: Bridges over the Mountain Ranges – Ethnography on the Complexities of Transition in Women’s Social Position in Nepalese Rural Communities (2.6.2017)
Women’s changing social position is a pivotal goal of development cooperation and politics. The processes of change are complex and entail multilevel power hierarchies. Wellbeing is generated and social change is effected through local traditions and communality, but they may clash with international views on development. In her dissertation Enni Mikkonen, MA, focuses on social transition at the intersections of Nepalese everyday life and international development policy. She also brings forth a new perspective on ethically sustainable transition.
Doctoral defense: Transaction as interaction: Art as an Extended Sense of Space (2.6.2017)
Bettina Schülke’s doctoral thesis suggests that we are in the need to develop new spatial concepts. Therefore, it focuses on how space can be understood in visual artistic expression and how previous spatial understandings are in the process of change. The common ground of the different findings of this research is that the development of technology and new technical media has an enormous influence on the question of spatiality. This implements how space is understood, constructed, inhabited, and perceived.
Aspects of culture and community through the lens of contemporary arts and design - New Book from Relate North series! (1.6.2017)
Lapland University Press released Relate North: Culture, Community and Communication, edited by Timo Jokela and Glen Coutts. This is the third book produced as part of the work of the University of the Arctic Thematic Network, Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design.
Doctoral dissertation: Extending mobile touchscreen interaction (1.6.2017)
Touchscreens are everywhere. They have become a key way people interact with the world. In his recently completed doctoral dissertation, Extending Mobile Touchscreen Interaction, MSc Ashley Colley presents a set of solutions to better address the requirements of the wide range of uses to which touchscreens are now being applied.
Doctoral defence: Landscapes structure preserves closeness to nature as tourism resorts grow (29.5.2017)
Nature-based tourism is experiencing a boom as the wilderness in Northern Scandinavia attracts travellers from ever-farther away. Last year marked the seventh successive year of growth in Finnish Lapland. The demand for accommodation in the region is high during the peak seasons of winter, and resorts attempt to meet the need by building increasingly compact servicescapes. In her recently completed thesis, Marja Uusitalo, MSc (Agr. and For.), shows that tourists would like to experience closeness to nature even in the built-up environments of resort areas.
20th anniversary for the International Summer School in Social Work at the University of Lapland 24.5-7.6.2017 (18.5.2017)
About 80 students, teachers, and researchers from 14 different countries will gather at the International Summer School in Social Work to discuss social work and social services from a global perspective. Summer school is organized by the unit of Social Work at the University of Lapland in cooperation with the University of Vermont. Responsible teachers are Anna Nikupeteri from the University of Lapland and Stanley L. Witkin from the University of Vermont. The summer school will take place at the University of Lapland from 24 May to 7 June 2017.
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