China's Political System and China as a Global Actor, part 1

19.4.2024 16:00–19:00
Auditorium: C193

China is challenging the existing global order and yet we have rather shallow understanding of Chinese domestic intellectual discussions and trajectories. We will tackle this challenge by having two presentations analyzing on the one hand, the domestic discussion on Chinese international relations theories and on the other hand, present the complicated and yet vital relationship between Confucianism and Marxism (i.e. the Communist Party) in China. The presentations will be given by two leading idea historians on traditional and contemporary China. The presentations are part of the OTMEVAL0014V23-3001 China's Political System course, but you are warmly welcome to participate without registration to the course.

Zoom to presentations: Meeting-ID: 667 5428 1164; Passcode: 510235

Chinese International Relations (IR) Theories

Jyrki Kallio
Senior Research Fellow, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, University of Lapland
Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki

Following the growth of China's economic, political and military muscle, there have emerged opinions that China cannot be understood through the prevailing IR theories which can be seen as constructs of Western ideologies and traditions. Therefore, both China's leadership and several Chinese researchers have been calling for the development of a "Chinese IR Theory". In order to critically assess the feasibility of such an idea, it is necessary to address these questions: What is the current discussion on China, based on the prevailing theories, perhaps missing or misunderstanding? What kind of Chinese alternatives have been proposed, and what are their similarities and differences with the prevailing theories? Changing the viewpoint from the external to the internal, one needs to understand the main indigenous concepts used in Chinese theory building. And lastly one needs to ask, do the proposed Chinese theories hold a real promise of changing the IR theory field at large, and could they have an effect on China's foreign policy actions?

Time: 4 PM-7 PM
Date: 19th of April, 2024
Auditorium: C193