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Studying in Rovaniemi - expectations and reality

If I’m being completely honest, I must say that I was a bit terrified when I decided to move to Rovaniemi. I was moving 800 kilometers away from my parents, home and friends. I also had a few prejudices against Rovaniemi and Lapland in general. Needless to say, these prejudices turned out to be wrong immediately  when I first got here. Now I'm going to share some of my expectations about studying

Why is it a good timing to live in Rovaniemi while studying? Living as a student 3/3

Hey! It is me, Maria writing my last blog for this spring, and I`m about to reveal some of the reasons why moving to rovaniemi at this point of my life have been particularly good decision. As some of you may know, I`m originally from Central Finland, and moving to rovaniemi was not really my intention in the first place. Moving to Lapland was still one of the best decisions that this young woman


Kasvo: Johtaja luottaa tutkijan aistiin

Arktisen keskuksen johtajan Johanna Ikävalkon mukaan tutkijat tietävät parhaiten, mitä tutkimusta tarvitaan.

Teema: Kaiken keskellä on taito

Vikuroivassa taiteiden tiedekunnassa halutaan ylittää rajoja ja tarttua epäkohtiin.