PERUTTU: Seminar: Regulating Cultural Heritage: Legal, Ethical and Technical Considerations

15.4.2020 10:00–16:00
Luentosali 21/Lecture room 21
Yliopistonkatu 8

Date and Venue: 15th April 2020, 10-16, University of Lapland (Yliopistonkatu 8, FIN-96101 ROVANIEMI, FINLAND), Lecture room 21.


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Description: The ‘Regulating Cultural Heritage: Legal, Ethical and Technical Considerations’ seminar will discuss key legal, ethical and technical issues related to balancing protection and access to cultural heritage. Especial emphasis will be posed to digital cultural heritage and to indigeneity. The academic discourse will be complemented by real-life examples and concrete cases, such as those related to protecting Sámi CH, while fostering access to Sámi archive materials.

Students can gain 1 ECTS (either under the general optional studies, Code onval9999 or in one of the three mandatory public international law modules, Code ONPOOL83) by attending the entire seminar and submitting a learning diary. The learning diary should summarise one key issue learned during the seminar. It should be around 4-5 pages (Times new roman, 12) in length. It shall we sent to rosa.ballardini@ulapland.fi by 25.4.2020.

Contact information:
Rosa Maria Ballardini rosa.ballardini@ulapland.fi
Girardi Dino dino.girardi@ulapland.fi
Iiris Kestilä iiris.kestila@ulapland.fi

Amongst the speakers and panelists:
Fabio Vitali, Professor, University of Bologna
Dorit Raines, Associate Professor, University of Venice
Jonna Häkkilä, Professor, University of Lapland
Rosa Maria Ballardini, Associate Professor, University of Lapland
Iiris Kestilä, Doctoral candidate, University of Lapland
Punam Noor, Doctoral candidate, University of Lapland

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