Program for Online Workshop "Measures to Contain and Prevent the Covid-19"

11.5.2020 17:40

The Law, Technology and Design Thinking Research Group is hosting an online workshop concerning privacy and the Covid-19 situation, under the title "Measures to Contain and Prevent the Covid-19: A Comparative Analysis of their Effects on the Fundamental Rights of Privacy".

Due to the pandemic spread of the Covid-19 virus almost every state in the world has taken measures to contain the spread of the virus and mitigate its effects. Although the measures and the implementation of the rules differ throughout Europe (and the world) the basics of the measures are very comparable.

The goal of the Workshop is to compare the measures taken thus far in some European States, namely Finland, Italy, Poland, Germany and The Netherlands and analyse them based on their effects and legitimacy in respect to the restriction of fundamental rights, privacy and data protection.

Speakers include professor Monica Palmirani (University of Bologna, Italy) and LTDT group members. The workshop will be held online (via Microsoft Teams) on Wednesday, May 27th, 15:0016:30.