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    • Seminar: Digital Cultural Heritage: Legal, Ethical and Technical Considerations

      7.4.2022 9:00–12:30

      The ‘Digital Cultural Heritage: Legal, Ethical and Technical Considerations’ seminar will discuss key legal, ethical and technical issues related to balancing protection and access to cultural heritage. Especial emphasis will be posed to digital cultural heritage and to indigeneity. The academic discourse will be complemented by real-life examples and concrete cases, such as those related to protecting digital cultural heritage while fostering access to archive materials.

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    • Seminar: Artificial Intelligence, the Wizard’s Apprentice? Regulating AI

      9.3.2022 13:00–15:00

      Artificial Intelligence has a vast influence on our society and is therefore described as a pervasive and disruptive technology comparable with the application of electricity or the combustion engine. But it is more, AI can take decisions autonomously, can change facts into fakes and therefore change human behavior. Can we deal with those changes? And can we regulate the applications of AI in our world? The EU Commission thinks it can be done. That will be the subject of this seminar.

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    • Seminar: Collaborative Contracting

      13.12.2021 10:15–11:45

      The use of Collaborative Contracting approaches is emerging fast in several industries. Agile projects, project alliances, and joint research and development projects are examples of collaboration settings requiring Collaborative Contracting. The Collaborative Contracting Research Seminar is organised by the Faculty of Law, together with a Project Management Research team located at the University of Oulu, Industrial Engineering and Management department.

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    • Seminar: Presentation of the activities of the European Data Portal – towards the creation of a common data space in the EU

      17.3.2021 10:00–12:45

      Together with our partners, the LTDT research group will organize a seminar on the European Data Portal on March 17th, 2021.

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    • Seminar: Regulation of AI in the medical sector

      26.1.2021 13:00–16:00

      The Law, Technology and Design Thinking (LTDT) and the Welfare Law research groups of the University of Lapland will be organising an online seminar titled “Regulation of AI in the medical sector” on the 26th January 2021 between 1 PM and 4 PM Finnish time.

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