Regional Council of Lapland grants ERDF funding for the LappiSat project

10.6.2021 13:00

The Regional Council of Lapland has granted funding from the European Regional Development Fund for the LappiSat project. The funding decision was made in April. The project aims at constructing an aurora satellite intended for scientific exploration, and will run between 1.1.2021 and 31.3.2023.

The project is headed by University of Oulu, namely the Geophysical Observatory in Sodankylä. At the University of Lapland, The Institute of Air and Space Law as well as the LTDT Research Group will participate by exploring the legal ramifications of operating satellites from Finland.

Contact persons at the University of Lapland:

Lotta Viikari (professor public international law)
Mikko T. Huttunen (postdoctoral scholar)

(E-mail addresses: