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University Researcher, starting June 2021 or as agreed


The Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland is seeking

A University Researcher for permanent position starting June 2021 or as agreed.

Academic field: Multidisciplinary research in the field of International environmental law and policy, and human rights as they apply to the arctic.

The Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland is a national and international hub of information and centre of excellence that conducts multidisciplinary high-quality research in changes in the Arctic region. In addition to research, education form a part of all activities of the Center. The Arctic Centre conducts a study programme called Arctic Studies Programme that serves as an introduction to issues that are relevant in the Circumpolar North. The Arctic Centre is located in the Arktikum House, Rovaniemi, Finland.

The Arctic Centre has an extensive multidisciplinary cooperation network and members of the Arctic Centre staff serve as experts around the world. Among others, Arctic Centre is a member of the European Polar Board which is an independent European Organization of Directors and Managers of the major European National Polar Programmes. It is concerned with major strategic priorities in the Arctic and Antarctic and has members from national operators and research institutes in 17 countries. Arctic Centre is also a member of the China-Nordic Research Center. The Arctic Centre’s Science Communication team and library compile, popularize and communicate Arctic issues to increase the knowledge and understanding of experts, decision makers and the general public on Arctic issues. The Arctic Centre has a Science Centre, located in the Arktikum House together with the Provincial Museum of Lapland. Over 100 000 persons visit the Arktikum House every year, half of them tourists from abroad. The Science Centre exhibitions display the results of Arctic research interactively and inform about the nature and people in the Arctic region.

The research, at the Arctic Centre, focuses on five main themes. In each field of study, a multidisciplinary team of researchers works under a research professor.

The Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law (NIEM), established in 1985, is one of the five research groups at the Arctic Centre. NIEM specializes in environmental and minority law. Particularly, it has a special focus on researching the law relating to (Arctic) indigenous peoples, as well as environmental law as it is applied in the Arctic regions. The Institute provides its expertise to the Advisory Board on International Human Rights Affairs, an independent consultative organization on human rights issues, appointed by the Government of Finland. The Institute leads the University of Arctic’s Thematic Law Network, and jointly organize the annual Polar Law Symposium, and jointly hosts the publication of the Yearbook of Polar Law. In addition, it publishes its own research publication series Juridica Lapponica.

Job descriptions: The position will be based at the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law, and duties of the appointee are as follows:

• conduct research independently and take initiatives for new research. The research should be based on the overall objectives of NIEM with a focus on the broader thematic areas of environmental law, policy, politics, and human rights dimensions, as they apply to the Arctic and its people, in particular the Indigenous and the local population of the Arctic. Additionally, the research will consider the Arctic region's sustainable development and its environmental and legal considerations.
• Publishing of research results in high-quality international journals and other publishing venues
• Acquisition of supplementary external research funding and leading and management of research projects
• Provision of instruction in the Arctic Studies programme and university graduate school, and supervision of doctoral students in the relevant area of research
• Participation at the core activities of the Institute, as described above
• Innovative publication of science in the exhibitions of the Arctic Centre
• Popularisation of Arctic science

Required qualifications and merits:

• Doctoral degree in the field of law or in relevant disciplines in social sciences.
• Academic proficiency and expertise in the relevant field demonstrated through publications
• Fluent communication skills with decision-makers and the general public
• Demonstrated ability to acquire supplementary research funding and to lead research projects
• Experience of research on northern and Arctic regions
• Excellent command of English

How to apply: The candidate is to attach to the application his or her CV, list of publications, and a letter of motivation (up to 4 pages max.) expressing applicant’s research statement and research interests in connection to the job requirements. When making the appointment decision, special attention is paid to the quality of the statement and to the way in which the candidate’s research is linked to the other research activities of the Arctic Centre.

Compensation: The position will be filled as a University Research. The salary is based on the universities salary system and its requirement levels 6–7 for teaching and research personnel. In addition, the total salary includes a personal salary component amounting up to 50 % of the task-specific salary component.

Deadline for application is May 3, 2021 by 13:00 pm. Application can be delivered by mail to the following address: Lapin yliopisto, Kirjaamo, PL 122 (Yliopistonkatu 8), 96101 Rovaniemi, Finland or in one single pdf file via our secure email system: https://securemail.ulapland.fi. In the secure email system mark the recipient as: kirjaamo@ulapland.fi. The application documents will not be returned to the sender. Title your letter/email as ‘NIEM University researcher’.

Further information:
Research Professor Kamrul Hossain, the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law: khossain(at)ulapland.fi phone +358 40 484 4281