Ongoing projects


Enhancing Adaptive Capacity for Sustainable Blue Growth (BlueAdapt)

Funded by the Strategic Council of the Academy of Finland.

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Responsible Tourism

Just North EU Horizon project

JustNorth – Toward Just, Ethical and Sustainable Arctic Economies, Environments and Societies

LEXSECURE Law for Secure Supply: Internalizing the Crisis Exceptions

Funded by Academy of Finland special funding for research into crisis preparedness and security of supply. Funded by the Finnish Academy 2020-2023.

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KELIPA: The ecosystem of sustainable mobility services

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HILMARI Carbon sinks and climate benefits with controlled risks: Policy measures for forests and wood products

Funded from the three year Carbon research funding program by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Finland 2021-23.

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LappiSat-satelliittikeskus – Erityisosaaminen ja tekninen toteutus avaruustoiminnalle, -tieteelle ja -tekniikalle.

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Past Projects


Oil Production Networks in the Russian Arctic (OPRA) Academy of Finland, ARKTIKO programme 1.1.2015-31.12.2018

The project focuses on the global production networks (GPNs) that shape the interaction among indigenous peoples, oil companies, and other actors in the Russian Arctic. In the absence of effective national regulation, global governance networks can assist in protecting the rights of local inhabitants and developing democratic decision-making in natural resources management. The project investigates the potentially transformative character of GPNs and demonstrates their impact on local communities and indigenous people. The aim of the project is to determine how these networks could be constructed to ensure the coexistence of profitable industries and sustainable indigenous communities. The right of indigenous peoples to social, cultural and economic sustainability is the starting point of the research, as we examine how actors with different interests interact within the network.


Governing adaptive change towards sustainable economy in the Arctic (GovAda), funded by the Academy of Finland.

ARDICO: Arctic Research, Development and Innovation Community 

Responsible Tourism Planning/Profi5, funded by the Academy of Finland.

Fulbright Arctic Initiative Programme II Cohort 2018-2019