Dissertation at the Faculty of Art and Design /MA Ukjese van Kampen

22.4.2022 12:00–15:00
Esko ja Asko -sali
Yliopistonkatu 8

MA Ukjese van Kampen

Origins of Yukon First Nations Beading Styles: Searching Floral Patterns from 1500s France to Yukon

An academic dissertion to be publically defended on Friday April 22, 2022 at 12 p.m. (Finnish time).

Professor (emeritus) Markku Henriksson will act as an opponent and Professor Tuija Hautala-Hirvioja as a custodian.

The dissertation can be followed https://blogi.eoppimispalvelut.fi/ulapland

After the dissertation coffee and cake at restaurant Petronella. Welcome!