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Ask online
The ULapland Graduate School has regular online office hours. During the office hours, you can sign into our online office to ask about doctoral studies at ULapland.

Graduate School's online office is here. You can sign in during the office hours, please see the schedule below. Sign in through the Enter as a guest option.

Online office hours in spring 2018:
Tue 20 February 2018, 10–11 
Tue 13 March 2018, 10–11 
Tue 27 March 2018, 10–11 
Tue 17 April 2018, 10–11 
Tue 8 May 2018, 10–11 
Tue 29 May 2018, 10–11 

Please note: the dates and times represent local Finnish time.

Cannot make it to the online office hour? Send us an e-mail at tohtoriohjelma@ulapland.fi and we will answer your question via e-mail.

Visiting address
University of Lapland
Yliopistonkatu 8
FI-96300 Rovaniemi
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