Peeping into the past: photo exhibition


The exhibition “Peeping into the past” deals with qualities of photography: When you look at a photograph, you always look at something that is gone. Something that existed or happened in the past. Something the photographer saw and wanted to show to others by freezing the moment. The photo exhibition are on the Faculty of Education of the University of Iceland on 24-28 September.

Seija Ulkuniemi designed this exhibition for Casa de Diego Velázquez, a building that was constructed in Santiago de Cuba (in Cuba) with Andalusian influence. She wanted to connect its past with nowadays-Andalusian life. The photos were on display in Casa de DV in November 2017.

The photo series is a tribute to Granada, an Andalusian city which the artist has visited several times. You can “peep” into the narrow stone paved streets of Albaycín, get views to the famous Alhambra, but also enjoy some Spanish street life with both religious and more mundane sights. In shots from garden of Carmen de la Victoria and some other areas, you are offered the beauty of greenery and blossoming trees.

Ulkuniemi welcomes visitors of the exhibition to write about what they can see when peeping into the past.
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