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Bioeconomy research seminar

18.9.2019 9:00–12:00

The Arctic Smartness RDI-Excellence project welcomes all researchers in Lapland to a series of seminars in the fall of 2019. The aim of the seminars is to advance collaboration and networking across disciplines and organisations and present ways for researchers to participate in projects and potentially cooperate with companies.

NB: The bioeconomy seminar has been postponed until October/November. The new date and time will be announced as soon as possible.

The theme of the first seminar is bioeconomy, encompassing e.g. forestry, agriculture, reindeer husbandry, the natural products sector, nature tourism and conservation areas. Hosted by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), this seminar will take place on 18 September, 9–12 pm, at the University of Lapland in lecture hall 10.

Register here: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/EEC5DF912E451C21. Registration closes on 13 September at 1 pm.

You’re also welcome to follow the event online via Adobe Connect without registering: https://connect.eoppimispalvelut.fi/ulapland4/. Participating in the workshops is unfortunately not available online.

At the start of each seminar, the host organisation will present their salient research themes and on-going projects. The participants will be invited to cooperate on selected themes and the host organisation may put forward concrete project initiatives for joint development. After this, a discussion workshop is held with an open call for participants to offer their expertise, ideas and solutions for the challenges faced in the projects.>

Other seminars in the series
2 October, 9–12 am, host: Lapland University of Applied Sciences, theme: Circular economy
23 October, 9–12 am, host: Geological Survey of Finland, theme TBA
7 November, 9–12 am, host: University of Lapland, theme TBA
4 December, 2–5 pm, closing seminar

Contact details
Natural Resources Institute Finland: Kari Mäkitalo, kari.makitalo (at) luke.fi
Lapland University of Applied Sciences: Raimo Pyyny, raimo.pyyny (at) lapinamk.fi
Geological Survey of Finland: Hannu Panttila, hannu.panttila (at) gtk.fi
University of Lapland: Harri Malinen, harri.malinen (at) ulapland.fi

Arctic Smartness RDI-Excellence

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