International Symposium on Combating Radicalization, Racism, and Hate Speech Against Immigrants

22.5.2024–23.5.2024 9:00–16:00

In recent years, the world has witnessed a concerning rise in radicalization, racism, and hate speech directed against immigrants. This trend threatens the social fabric of diverse societies and undermines the principles of equality, tolerance, and inclusivity. To address this urgent issue, the ‘Global Northern Communities and Societies’ research community of the Faculty of Social Science, University of Lapland, and the Ministry of Justice of Finland funded Creating Anti-Radicalization Awareness Network in Lapland (Radikaalisaatiotietoisuusverkoston luominen Lapissa) project of the Arctic Immigrants Association will organize an international symposium that brings together students, researchers, academicians, experts, advocates, and policymakers to explore the root causes, consequences, and practical strategies to combat radicalization, racism, and hate speech against immigrants.

The symposium will consist of keynote presentations, paper presentations, panel discussions, and interactive Q&A sessions. The distinguished keynote speakers are:

1. Alex Peter Schmid, Professor Emeritus; Distinguished Fellow, International Centre for Counter-Terrorism; Director, Terrorism Research Initiative, Netherlands
2. Maria Ivanova-Gongne, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Åbo Akademi, Finland

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Abstract submission
Please submit your abstract (max 250 words, including a title) and a short author bio (max 100 words) via e-mail to the organizing team snuri(at) by March 30, 2024. You will be notified of paper acceptance by 10 April, 2024.

Participation without papers
Policymakers, practitioners and researchers can also attend the symposium without a paper presentation. This form of participation is intended for policymakers and practitioners in particular.

After confirmation of acceptance of their abstracts, paper presenters are invited to register. For them, the registration fee is 20 €. For other participants and attendees, the registration fee is 30 €.

The online registration will open on 11 April, 2024. The registration will close on May 13, 2024.

Target Audience
This symposium is designed for a diverse audience, including students, researchers, academicians, policymakers, government representatives, NGOs, community leaders, educators, activists, and anyone concerned about the issues of radicalization, racism, and hate speech against immigrants.

Through a comprehensive exploration of radicalization, racism, and hate speech against immigrants, this symposium aims to empower participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to combat these issues and promote a more inclusive and equitable society.

Organizing committee
1. Nafisa Yeasmin, Visiting Researcher, University of Lapland; Lead, Thematic Network on Arctic Migration, UArctic
2. Tiina Seppälä, Lecturer, Helsinki University
3. Syed Musa Kajim Nuri, Doctoral Researcher, University of Lapland