National XIX Legal Research Conference 2021: Sustainable and Responsible Law for Society

26.8.2021 9:00–27.8.2021 17:00

The Faculty of Law and the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland will organize the XIX Legal Research Conference 2021. The theme of the conference will be "Sustainable and Responsible Law for Society".

Sustainability has become a central societal value, pursued through a variety of policy instruments, including different forms of legal regulation. Policies and legal instruments fostering sustainability seem to signal a responsible approach to governing our society. They thus indicate our responsibility to today’s society as well as to future generations. Yet, the concept of sustainability needs to be given specific meaning. What then are the implications of such policies and legal instruments, and how to pursue sustainability responsibly through policies and laws? The National XIX Legal Research Conference 2021 will explore these essential themes in broad terms and from multiple perspectives. The conference will take place in the form of plenum and parallel sessions in Finnish and in English.

The XIX Legal Research Conference 2021 will be held despite the global situation at the time. We are planning to hold the conference both physically and online, but we are also prepared to move the conference fully online should the circumstances necessitate taking such precautions. In any case, streaming will be available. But rest assured: the event will be held one way or another.

Call for abstracts (submission deadline March 31, 2021)

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