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Seminar: Artificial Intelligence, Regulation and Business: How do we Best Adjust?

21.11.2018 13:00–16:15

Predicting the future of technology is notoriously difficult. Indeed, predicting how law and regulation, as well as businesses should adapt themselves to meet the needs of future technological developments is a task that might often lead to hilarious predictions.

The difficulty in predicting technological development is certainly reflected in the current debate about the future of artificial intelligence (AI). Within this framework, currently two extremes can be identified: those who view AI as a path towards ‘superintelligence’ that transcends humanity, and those who think AI is merely a glorified version of data analysis and statistical inference. But where do we actually stand in terms of developments of AI technology? And how are (or should) companies and the lawmakers adapting themselves to the advent of AI? The seminar gathers experts from business, technology, law and design science in a multi-disciplinary dialogue on the influences, challenges and opportunities brought by AI, in an attempt to brainstorm on workable solutions to overcome the most urgent challenges that might impede the full adoption of this important technology. As such, the seminar will be of interest for a variety of audiences, including students and scholars from various disciplines, legal practitioners, companies, as well as to the legislature and the policymakers.

Note for students:

Students are given the possibility to gain 2ECTS upon the attendance of the whole event and the submission of a learning diary. Students who wish to get the 2ECTS should register via sending an email to rosa.ballardini@ulapland.fi not later than Monday 19 November 2018. The learning diary should be 10 pages (12 pt Times New Roman; Line spacing 1,5) and it should summarise the key lessons learned at the seminar. The learning diary should be digitised and sent to rosa.ballardini@ulapland.fi not later than Wednsday 28 November 2018.

More information:

Rosa Maria Ballardini
Senior lecturer in IP law
University of Lapland/Faculty of Law




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