Colombian delegation visited the University of Lapland to learn about tourism education and development


A delegation of 25 Columbian representatives visited the University of Lapland on September 20. The group was formed by the directors and some members of the Colombian Family Compensation Funds (Asocajas).

The main objectives of the visit to the University of Lapland was to learn about tourism development in Lapland and the tourism research degree. The delegation was hosted by the tourism research senior lecturers PhD José-Carlos García-Rosell and PhD Minni Haanpää.

The members of the delegation were particularly interested in the international tourism master programmes and doctoral level education. García-Rosell and Haanpää offered insights into the learning and evaluation methods used in the tourism research degree and show examples of collaboration with the local tourism industry. The delegation has also the opportunity to visit SINCO-Lab as one of the learning environments used in tourism research education.

Asocajas visited Finland from September 16-21, 2019. The University of Lapland was one of the places included in the programme. Asocajas is part of the Colombian subsidy system and provide different services for their affiliate private companies as well as for non-affiliate people in education, tourism, health and work, amongst others, having an important impact on the population in the different regions in Colombia. The family compensation funds provide education in early childhood, primary and secondary levels, in training for work, technical and technological levels and some professional education, having special programs for vulnerable people as well.

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