High-level research plans for strategic research choices at the University of Lapland


In the autumn of 2021, the Board of the University of Lapland decided to allocate EUR 1.25 million to the strategic choices of the research as part of the university strategy implementation plan. For the funding application organized at the end of 2021, 14 high-level applications from various faculties and units of the university were submitted. Five were awarded funding.

Applications focused on all three strategic choices: global Arctic responsibility, future services and reachability, and sustainable tourism. The evaluation criteria were the strengthening of the international competitiveness of the university's research and scientific excellence.

Based on the call, a total of five research plans were funded, each with a maximum of € 250,000 in 2022–2024. Applications were evaluated by an international level evaluation panel consisting of Professor Johan Edelheim (Hokkaido University), Professor Emeritus Elina Lahelma (University of Helsinki), Professor Emeritus Altti Kuusamo (University of Turku); Senior Lecturer / Senior Research Scientist Seita Romppanen (University of Eastern Finland / SYKE) and Research Professor Elana Wilson Rowe (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs).

– According to the evaluation panel, the research plans submitted for application were of a pleasingly high standard, says Osmo Rätti, Vice-Rector for Research at the University of Lapland.

The evaluation panel noted that several research plans have the potential to reinforce more than one strategic choice. The five research plans funded represent a high scientific level (outstanding or excellent) and together have the potential to strengthen the international competitiveness of the University of Lapland in all three strategic choices.

Funded research plans:

Rosa Ballardini (Faculty of Law): PromoTing Sustainable PRactices for Digitalizing IndigenoUS CulTural Heritage - Global North and South Juxtaposed (TRUST)

Sanna Kopra (Arctic Centre): A Planetary Approach to Global Arctic Politics

Jukka Similä (Faculty of Law) and Leena Suopajärvi (Faculty of Social Sciences): Regulating the Sustainability Transition of the Transport and Mobility System in the Arctic (ARCTIC TRANSIT)

Jarno Valkonen (Faculty of Social Sciences): Arctic World Political Imaginations: Exploring Sustainable Alternatives to an Unstable World (ARCI)

Sanna Valkonen (Faculty of Social Sciences): Sámi Political Thought in the Human-Environment Relationality

More information:
Osmo Rätti, vice-rector for research, University of Lapland
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