21st anniversary for the International Summer School in Social Work at the University of Lapland 23.5-6.6.2018


About 80 students, teachers, and researchers from 11 different countries will gather at the International Summer School in Social Work to discuss social work and social services from a global perspective

Summer school is organized by the unit of Social Work at the University of Lapland in cooperation with the University of Pennsylvania. Responsible professors are Heli Valokivi from the University of Lapland and Stanley L. Witkin from the University of Pennsylvania. The summer school will take place at the University of Lapland from 23 May to 6 June 2018.

The lectures at the summer school will focus on issues such as human rights and social justice, intercultural social work, social work education and social services in different countries. The lectures will be held between 23 and 29 May at the University of Lapland.

Lecture week includes visits to Arktikum and Korundi and International Evening where participants tell about their own culture. After the week of lectures, the summer school participants will take a field trip to Utsjoki and Helsinki. In Utsjoki, they will learn about Northern culture and lifestyle as well as the challenges faced by social workers and social services in the North. In Helsinki participants will visit social services organizations.

Further information:

Professori Heli Valokivi, tel. 040 484 4257
Kaisa Thessler, tel. 040 484 4276

The web pages of the International Summer School of Social Work 2018 and program for the summer school are at www.ulapland.fi/iss2018