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7 futures after Lapland – career dreams and professional themes

« Back4.11.2016 8:46

All those possible futures – how to choose if choosing gives you the blues? In the University of Lapland we recognize talent as a combination, not mere academic revelation. But how to merge personal passions with professional prospects? Adventure is the name of the game, say our international students while talking about their dreams after Lapland.

1.    Assemble a future from the several things you do best. Ivan from Uzbekistan, our student in Tourism, Culture and International Management, says: ”Next year, I think I’ll write my thesis on cross-border cooperation in tourism between Finland and Russia. I could use my language skills and practical knowledge in such business-oriented cooperation.”

2.    Juggle with perspectives. Alba, an exchange student of sociology, reflects: ”In Lapland, I had the chance of taking courses in gender studies, related to gender issues in the north. I couldn’t have taken these courses in Germany. It was interesting to see the Scandinavian countries and the welfare state system. -- I want to do something that is good for the society. Maybe in an NGO.”

3.    Travel – and return with the best insights. Thao from Vietnam completed her Master’s degree in International and Comparative Law in Lapland: “I will pursue my career as a lawyer, in my home country. -- But Finland has become my second home.”

4.    Embrace the many roads to your destination. Exchange student Yingke from China contemplates on a second Master’s degree: ”You come here [Lapland], see the pace of life, you see different life choices. A lot of people have two majors, two Master’s degrees. I can just be brave, do what I want to do.”

5.    Keep learning more. Ekaterina, PhD student of law in Lapland, says: “My first aim is to finish my PhD, then I’ll try to find a job connected to my research. My research concerns legislation on the oil industry and indigenous peoples.”

6.    Create your trait. Bikash from Nepal, degree student in Lapland, ponders on entrepreneurship:  “I really want to work with something related to sustainability. There are several organizations [in Finland] working on development in Nepal. -- Maybe I’ll try to create something related to that on my own.”

7.    Realize that even when it isn’t crystal clear, it may still be golden. Anna, exchange student of law, summarizes: “I haven’t decided yet – there are so many opportunities.” We agree – never feel ashamed for being untamed.

We are here to help you along the way, but the big picture, that’s all you.

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