A thousand international experts on art and design to visit Rovaniemi


The City of Rovaniemi will welcome almost 1 000 art and design experts within one week, when first 500 design professionals arrive to the city to discuss design and design research, and a few days later 450 professionals in art from all over the Arctic region visit the city.

Cumulus is the only global network that serves art, media and design education and research with more than 250 member universities. For 30 years already, Cumulus has been led from Finland, a reflection of the global position of Finnish design research. Almost five hundred scholars and professionals from around the world will attend the conference in Rovaniemi.

The theme of the conference is Resilience and Intelligence. What are the means, medium and methodologies of art, design and media in contributing to the adaptability and novel innovation in coping with everyday life, geographical extremes and societal challenges? How are the topics of sustainability, intelligence and and resilience interconnected and interwoven?

Arctic Laboratory – The Second Arctic Arts Summit

Arctic Arts Summit 2019 continues a series of summits that was initiated two years ago in Harstad, Norway. Planning of the 2019 summit was kicked off during the Finnish presidency of the Arctic Council. It builds on its outcomes and continues a dialogue on sustainable development. The Summit is fully booked with more than 450 participants.

Arctic Arts Summit 2019 will put a special focus on arts education. its theme, Arctic Laboratory, refers to innovative collaboration between the art and cultural sector, creative industries, entrepreneurs, and regional development. The Arctic region, with its wicked challenges, is seen as a test bed for rapid prototyping of solutions in challenging environments. The aim is to create models for art and cultural policies that support sustainable development. A global need for this is widely recognised.

Mainstream and Margins — Field trip to strenghten dialogue

The two major events described above are bridged with a field trip to Inari, the very north of Lapland in Finland, on 1st and 2nd June. Seventy art and design experts from twenty countries will bring together and share their expertise on Arctic arts and design. In the workshop on wheels experts will discuss how dialogues between mainstream and margins can be supported through art and design. Delegates will also have a first hand experience on realities of life in the Arctic, including long distances.

Further information

Cumulus Conference, Around the Campfire–Resilience and Intelligence, May 27–June 1, 2019.

Satu Miettinen, satu.miettinen(at), 040 484 4367

Arctic Arts Summit 2019, Arctic Laboratory, June 3–5, 2019

Maria Huhmarniemi, maria.huhmarniemi(at), 040 763 9948

Field trip to Inari (bridging event), Welcome to the Land of Midnight Sun, June 1–2, 2019.

Päivi Tahkokallio, paivi(at), 050 324 3517