Antti Syväjärvi appointed Rector of the University of Lapland


Antti Syväjärvi, D.Admin., Ph.D., will be the rector of the University of Lapland for the term 1 January 2020 – 31 December 2024.

He achieved a doctorate in philosophy (majoring in psychology) at Cardiff University in 1998 and a doctorate in administrative science at the University of Lapland in 2005. He has been employed at the University of Lapland as a professor of administrative sciences since 2005, as the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences between 2015 and 2017, and as the vice-rector for science from 2018 to 2019.

The persons who applied for the rector’s position were extensively skilled in science and management. Antti Syväjärvi, however, stood out from the rest as a multitalented applicant with proven expertise in domestic and international research environments and in the management of scientific organisations. In addition, his research has focused on the management of large public organisations. Mr. Syväjärvi is also well acquainted with the Lapland University Consortium and has been in charge of development activities related to its strategic areas.

The University’s original plan was to select the rector in the autumn. However, in discussions on the applications, Mr. Syväjärvi proved to be so much ahead of the other candidates that the University Board made the choice already in its meeting in June. He had also been considered the top choice in the direct search made by a recruiting consultant. Since the order of the candidates was already clear, there was no reason to let the decision wait until the autumn.

Along with the selection of a new rector, the University of Lapland starts to develop its management system in general. One of the aims of this development is to strengthen the cooperation between the University management, the deans and the unit managers. Concurrently, the University selects new vice-rectors for the term starting in 2020. Since the rector has been appointed well in advance, he will be able to coordinate the managerial development already in the autumn of 2019. In preparing for the rector’s duties, Antti Syväjärvi will arrange hearings involving the entire university community.

Further information:

Hannele Niemi, Chair of the University Board, phone: 040 555 8975
Antti Syväjärvi, Rector of the University of Lapland (1 Jan. 2020 – 31 Dec. 2024), phone: 0400-606 244
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