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Applying for international master’s degree programmes at the University of Lapland


The application period for international master’s degree programmes at the University of Lapland has started on 3 December 2018. Four programmes that build on the strengths of our research are available in the fields of tourism, media education, and art and design.

All master’s degree programmes at the University of Lapland are based on our strategic focus areas. Similarly, the core strengths of our education and research – sustainable development, northern wellbeing, responsible tourism, and culture-centred service design – are involved in the four international master’s programmes.

The master’s degree programme in Arctic Art and Design responds to the changing role of the creative professional in society. Its content harnesses the potential of service design and applied visual arts in the contexts of society, community, and business. The programme offers new tools and methods for creative collaboration. Hazal Doğa, from Turkey, is studying her second and final year in the programme. She appreciates the real-life projects that students have had a chance to work with: “The projects we engage in usually focus on tackling problems encountered for example in designing a future tourism service in line with sustainable development or in forming an art path for the community of Lapland. I may not be a superhero, but after studying here I know that if we work together, then we can tackle big problems.”

Media Education develops competences in the following areas: media in teaching and learning, media in society, and media and psychosocial well-being. Natalia Nikolaeva from Russia describes her programme as bold, enlightening, and expanding: “Bold, because the students are pioneers in the subject. Enlightening, due to the extensive analysis that media education entails, constantly opening up new perspectives. Expanding, because we are constantly examining and developing ways in which media education can affect our daily lives.”

The master’s degree programmes in Tourism, Culture and International Management (TourCIM) and in Northern Tourism both offer a degree in tourism research, but with different emphases. The programme in Northern Tourism, hosted by the UArctic Thematic Network on Northern Tourism, focuses on sustainable tourism development especially in the Arctic and other fragile regions. TourCIM has been created to meet the demand for professionals with the ability to develop and execute responsible tourism. It provides students with knowledge and tools necessary to work on the interface between production and consumption of tourism experiences.

The duration of the international master’s degree programmes is two years and their scope is 120 ECTS. To be eligible to apply for the programmes you must have at least a bachelor's degree in a relevant field and a good command of the English language for academic purposes. The application period ends on January 31st 2019. If you are from outside the EU/EEA area, the tuition fee is €8,000 per academic year, but you may apply for a scholarship already in the application phase.

More information about the international master’s degree programmes, admission criteria, and the application process is available on the following site: www.ulapland.fi/admissions.

Also check out the programme webpages:

Arctic Art and Design www.ulapland.fi/aad
Media Education www.ulapland.fi/medu
Tourism, Culture and International Management (TourCIM) www.ulapland.fi/tourcim
Northern Tourism www.ulapland.fi/noto

Advisor Sanna Konola, admission(at)ulapland.fi, +358 40 484 4195

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