Satu Miettinen: Meditaatio (2019)

Artistic Research Results: A Series of Exhibitions that are informed by Climate Change, Unsafe Spaces and Changing Identities


A number of artistic publications will be presented during December 2019 and January 2020 by the researchers of the ‘Co-Stars’ service design research group, and the Academy of Finland-funded projects Arctic Design and Art and Floating Peripheries.

The artistic research focuses on the development of artistic expression, methodologies and societal dialogue, thus interweaving the exhibitions, artistic work, research strategies and societal challenges that the researchers address. The ‘Kaiken muutos’ and ‘Poetic Peripheries’ (‘Rajamailla’) exhibitions will tour Rovaniemi, Kemi, Kuopio and Port Pirie in South Australia.

Satu Miettinen: Karisma (2019). Photographs Meditaatio ja Karisma are part of "All Changes" exhibitions at Gallry Värinä in Rovaniemi in December 2019 and Kuopio VB Photographic Centre in January 2020.

Satu Miettinen will participate in the VALMED ry exhibition ‘All Changes’ (‘Kaiken Muutos’) at Gallery Värinä (3.-20.12.2019) in Rovaniemi. Participating artists in this exhibition are Kristiina Korpela, Katariina Karppinen, Tuula Hara and Ulla-Mari Lindström. This exhibition is the 8th part in the ‘10 x Climate Change’ (‘10 x kuumempaa hottia’) series organized by Kulttuuriyhdistys Valsa and funded by Koneen säätiö. Satu Miettinen is a member of the photography and media association VALMED ry. This association promotes photography and media art. ‘Kaiken muutos’ will also be exhibited in larger scale at the VB Photographic Centre (18.1.-17.3.2020).

Uutiskuva_Whom_wore_this1.jpg Uutiskuva_Whom_wore_this2.jpg
Melanie Sarantou: Whom wore this 1-2 (2019), embroidery on antique underwear, fashion art

Melanie Sarantou will participate in the exhibition “Have you met my sister” (22.12.2019-26.1.2020) at Flinders Gallery, Port Pirie Regional Gallery in Australia. This  brings together works of 7 women from Australia, Finland, Russia and Namibia: Melanie Sarantou, Laura Pokela, Sanna Sillgren, Daria Akimenko, Sherrie Jones, Katrina Vivian and Vera Tessmer. Through their artistic search, the artists explore interpersonal relationships, such as family ties, friendships, intergenerational mother-daughter succession and knowledge transfer, and sisterhood between women.

Uutiskuva_River_Guardian.jpg Uutiskuva_Hanna_mother_earth.jpg
Taina Kontio: Hanna mother earth (2019)and River Guardian (2019), video stills

Mari Mäkiranta: Sea in Your Eyes (2019). Part of the photographic series where Mari Mäkiranta has photographed trans gender youth and youth that identify themselves as third gendered. Portraits will be exhibited at Kemi Art Museum in January 2020.

The ‘Poetic Peripheries’ artists group is constituted by media artist Taina Kontio, university lecturer and adjunct professor Mari Mäkiranta, senior researcher Melanie Sanrantou and professor Satu Miettinen. The Poetic Peripheries exhibitions discusses meanings related to gender and space through art video, photography and fashion. The art work is about changing identities, the relationships between human and nature, and connotations and relationships with safe spaces. The first exhibition takes place at the Port Pierie Regional Gallery (21.-12.2019- 26.1.2020), which is an A-Rated Australian gallery in regional South Australia. The second exhibition will be at the Kemi Art Museum (18.1.-8.3.2020). The Poetic Peripheries (‘Rajamailla’) exhibition opening will take place at the Kemi Art Museum on Friday, January 17th, at 18:00. Save the Date!