Coronavirus instructions and recommendations at the University of Lapland


The university monitors the Covid-19 situation and acts according to the instructions and recommendations issued by the authorities. We are lifting the restrictions step by step, but if necessary, we will take corrective measures based on the situation. The aim is that our students and personnel can continue work as normally as possible without compromising health and safety.

The government order to close university premises will end – general instructions on using the premises as of 14 May 2020

According to regulations issued by the authorities, the 10-person limit concerning social gatherings is in force until 31 May. After this, the limit is raised to 50 and new instructions enter into force as of 1 June.

The staff is recommended to work online throughout the spring term. The personnel may gradually start returning to the campus by following all safety and hygiene instructions. The members of personnel who need the university’s equipment or facilities in their work may use the premises when authorised by the unit leader. The facility officers still monitor the number and location of the personnel working in the premises.

When using the premises, follow the instructions concerning hygiene and safe distance. As a rule, you must only use your own desk or office. If you belong to a risk group, you are to discuss your tasks with your supervisor. Do not enter the premises if you are ill or have respiratory tract symptoms! It is recommended that meetings, conferences, and seminars be arranged online throughout the spring term.

Students are still denied access to the premises, which means that teaching and studying are done remotely throughout the spring term. However, an exception can be made (mainly in arts) regarding demonstrations, lab work, or practice if it is absolutely necessary in view of your studying, finalization of studies, or graduation. The unit leader may grant a pass to an individual student or a small group that justifiably fulfils the exemption condition. More detailed instructions on using the EXAM facilities will be issued on week 20.

Library use is expanded by allowing you to borrow materials in accordance with safety and hygiene instructions. Regarding materials reserved online in advance, you may fetch them as agreed from the outlet in question. However, you are not allowed to spend time in the library premises. Check the library website for further instructions (week 20).

The restaurants remain closed throughout the spring term. In terms of meal distribution, we are assessing options to continue the takeaway service for students and personnel (week 20). We will be following the instructions and guidelines laid down by the authorities to enable fluent takeaway meal services at the restaurants during the spring term.

University-related recreational and leisure activities are governed by the general regulations and recommendations laid down by the authorities.

You are not recommended to travel abroad, and we follow the effective restrictions issued by the authorities. If needed, refer to more detailed instructions concerning traffic across the border.

Government press release 4 May 2020:

Further information:
Antti Syväjärvi, Rector antti.syvajarvi(at)ulapland.fi
Merija Timonen, Service Director merija.timonen(at)ulapland.fi

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