Doctoral Student Nicholas Rowe from the University of Lapland has been invited as a plenary speaker at the International Society of Managing & Technical Editor’s 2018 European Conference


The international conference takes place on 08. November 2018 in London, and gathers together editorial staff from many different journals and professional publications. The theme of the conference is ‘editorial excellence’.

Talking on the topic of ‘Conference Outputs as a Medium of Scientific Communication’, Nicholas Rowe will be discussing the place conference activities have in the working lives of academics, scientists and professionals, and how conference outputs currently serve as a medium of scientific communication. Specifically, he will be considering whether in the changing publication climate, conference outputs can be developed into an ‘academic currency’ in their own right, and provide a feasible alternative to traditional journal publication. Unusually for this type of event, to counteract three concurrent streams, speakers are asked to present twice, so that people get more opportunity to hear the sessions.

Nicholas Rowe is enrolled at the Faculty of Education, and in the final stages of a doctoral degree entitled ‘Rethinking Poster Presentations – a mixed-methods research on the use of posters and perceptions of their effectiveness by the academic community’. His research investigates the efficacy of oral presentations, posters and conference activities to disseminate knowledge and facilitate networking amongst peers, and the return we get for our investments of time, effort and money.

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