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Doctoral defence: Rethinking Computer-Based Simulation


MA Paula Poikela’s study investigates the potential of the author’s Introduction, Simulation, Scenario, Debriefing (ISSD) model in developing computer-based simulation environments conducive to knowledge creation.

The research draws on qualitative as well as quantitative methodologies to address the principal research question: What kind of theoretical and conceptual frameworks and models form a computer-based simulation environment? Paula Poikela explores this question in her doctoral dissertation.

“The thesis comprises five sub-studies and an introductory synthesis. Data were collected on 124 participants, most of whom were undergraduate nursing students, some of whom qualified social workers,” Poikela says.

The principal results of this thesis are the insights into how the ISSD model accords with the trialogical approach to learning and how simulation environments such as that studied support knowledge creation from tacit to explicit in terms of the socialization, externalization, combination and internalization (SECI) learning process.

“I argue that if a computer-based simulation environment has been developed in collaboration with end-users, it will be meaningful and will constitute a knowledge-creation environment that provides collective benefits,” Poikela says.

The study offers new knowledge to developers, educators and trainers on how computer-based simulation might best be developed if it is to meet the requirements of learning and knowledge distribution.

Information on the public examination of the dissertation

Paula Poikela’s dissertation Rethinking Computer-Based Simulation: Concepts and Models will be publicly examined in the Faculty of Education at the University of Lapland. The examination takes place on Friday 24 March at 12:00 in lecture room 2. The opponent is dosent Sami Paavola from the University of Helsinki and the custos is Professor Heli Ruokamo from the University of Lapland.

Information on the doctoral candidate

Paula Poikela, born in 1954, graduated from Rantavitikka high school in 1979. She has diploma in nursing, qualification as a teacher of nursing, and she earned her Master’s degree at the University of Oulu in 2000. Poikela has worked as a nurse in the Lapland Central Hospital and has worked since 1992 in the Lapland Hospital school, Rovaniemi Polytechnic School, and currently at the Lapland University of Applied Sciences. Between 2012- 2014 she was a researcher at the University of Lapland and during the year 2013 at the Stanford University’s simulation center Centre for Immersive and Simulation-Based Learning.

Further information

Paula Poikela
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Sale of the dissertation: verkkokauppa Juvenes and booky.fi. Other purchasing channels are also available. Further information and press release copies are available at the Lapland University Press, phone: +358 40 821 4242, email: julkaisu (at) ulapland.fi

Publication data

Paula Poikela: Rethinking Computer-Based Simulation: Concepts and Models. Acta Universitatis Lapponiensis 344. Lapland University Press. Rovaniemi. 2017. ISBN (paper format) 978-952-484-959-3, ISSN 0788-7604. Web version (pdf): Acta electronica Universitatis Lapponiensis. 212. ISBN 978-952-484-960-9. ISSN 1769-6310.

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