Doris, student in Media Education MA programme

Doris-dei Ozegbe-Adibuah, Nigeria


The participatory style of learning and international environment make Doris´ studies in her Master´s Degree Programme in Media Education very dynamic. Living the changing seasons in Lapland have taken her experience to another level and also taught her something about life.

How would you define your master´s degree programme?

In one word: it is a starter! Whatever it is you would like to do, whatever your field, whatever your personal goals in life are. This programme in media education will prepare you and ground you. Personally, I didn’t think at the beginning that this course would be as versatile and enlightening as it has been, especially coming from my background which is law. Programmes relatedness to every sphere of life is just unbelievable!

How are your studies preparing you for future working life?

I am a person of many interests and talents; I simply have to stay “abuzz”, doing several things at the same time. Before I was worried that I might have to stick to one path to make a headway, but with this MA programme, I realise that it is possible to explore all my interests professionally. A certain overview the degree programme gives you, such that there is absolutely no establishment where I cannot find my place: in legal education, legal research, public relations, governmental agencies, public administration, just to mention a few. That works really well for me!

What is the difference in studying process compared to your home country?

I would say that the emphasis here is more on individuality and convenience, for instance you can choose how you learn, online or in-class, you can choose how fast you study, and you can tailor your studies to your own personal style and overall schedule. I also find the lectures more interactive and allowing room for everyone´s thought process. Probably because it is an international environment, the lecturers understand that we all have different perspectives owing to our backgrounds and the group works encourage you to think from your perspective – it´s very dynamic!

How have your studies changed you?

For one thing, my view about the world we live in has become broader. Living in an international environment opens your mind, eyes and heart to the differences and the similarity in cultures and peoples, then it affords the opportunity to truly grasp the beauty of it all. The nature and the seasons take this to another level! Here in Rovaniemi nothing stays the same as the day before in terms of landscape; it’s snowing today and its clear the next, its freezing in the morning and humid a few hours later. So I have learned for myself that nothing is as permanent as it seems. Therefore - live in the moment!

With the MA programme, I have learned to manage my time better, and certainly to do better research.

What is the best thing about the University of Lapland?

The lecturers and the participatory style of learning, you are not just being taught in theory, you are encouraged to be engaged, through group works and analytical thinking. I have had very interesting group assignments and presentations. Learning how to collaborate is a good thing!

Advice to anyone thinking of coming to the University of Lapland?

Come! Come with an open mind and a good attitude and you will be happy you did.

If you want to contact Doris and ask her more about studying at the University of Lapland or in the Media Education MA programme, you can reach her at: studentambassadors(at)

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