Edwin Ziegfeld award to Timo Jokela


Professor Timo Jokela has received the Edwin Ziegfeld award in honour of his work for new directions in arts education.

International Society for Education Through Art, InSEA, gives out the Edwin Ziegfeld award at the InSEA World Congress every second year. It is awarded to a global leader in arts education who has develop the disciplines in the same way that Edwin Ziegfeld (1905–1986), the first president of InSEA, did during his lifetime.

Timo Jokela has won the award because of his long and innovative carrier in the field of arts education. He has contributed to the development of pedagogical methods in arts education, art-based research strategies and international collaboration. His work as leader of the Arctic Sustainable Art and Design Network at the University of the Arctic was also noted.

Jokela has also launched an international Arctic Art and Design master’s degree programme in the University of Lapland and has created methods regarding the interaction between art and design and applied use of visual arts in the society. He has been published widely, both academically and as an artist.

The award will be given to Timo Jokela in Vancouver, Canada, during the InSEA World Congress. Jokela says:

— It is honour for me, for the Department of Art Education at the University of Lapland , as well as for the ASAD thematic network’s active partners. The award makes me believe even more strongly that we can do globally important work in the UArctic network to promote art and culture research and education in the Arctic.

For more information, contact:

Timo Jokela, timo.jokela(at)