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Electronic diploma as an official certificate for those graduating from November onwards


The University of Lapland will starts using electronic degree certificates during November. The authenticity of electronic diploma can be verified more reliably than paper certificate. Student can save the electronic diploma in one´s own files, for example on a computer or cloud service.

– An electronic diploma is convenient to use, for example, in an electronic job application, comments Roope Rantala, who is responsible for LYY's education policy.

With the change to using electronic diplomas, all faculties will have similar certificates and students will receive certificates in both Finnish and English. The diploma is electronically signed by the dean. Electronic signature meets the highest EU-level requirements.

– Signing the certificate electronically is very smooth compared to the current one, says Dean Merja Laitinen.

At the same time as the electronic diploma, a graduation service in the Peppi system will be introduced. In the graduation application, the student states the desired graduation date and whether a paper copy of the certificate is needed. Graduation applications have pre-defined submission dates for each semester, according to which the degree certificate will be delivered to the student. If all studies have been completed, it will be delivered in three weeks. Graduation-related instructions will be updated on the Studies website.

Further information

Satu Uusiautti
Vice-rector responsible for education
tel. 040 4844150
Satu.Uusiautti (at)

Merija Timonen,
Teaching and Learning Services,
tel. 040 7777352
Merija.Timonen (at)

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