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Lapland's Higher Education Institutions were attractive in the first Joint Application period


The first Joint Application period for English-language degree programmes ended on 17.1.2024. Lapland's higher education institutions attract international students.

The application period for foreign-language programmes in higher education closed on Wednesday 17.1.2024 at 15.00.

The University of Lapland had 25 places available, for which a total of 567 applicants applied. At the Lapland University of Applied Sciences, a total of 148 places were available for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, with a total of 5,519 applicants. The number of applicants will be finalized once the final checks have been completed.

The number of applicants for the University of Lapland's international degree programmes increased by 45% compared to 2023. For the first time, the English-language Master's degrees of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences were included in the first Joint Application period. The total number of applicants for all degrees at the Lapland University of Applied Sciences remained stable.

The majority of applications for both the University and the University of Applied Sciences came from outside Finland.

– The University of Lapland's international degree programmes are of a very high standard and attractive. We are pleased with the research-based and topical content of the education, which attracts students from far and wide. The increase in the number of applicants encourages us to continue developing new international degree programmes, says Satu Uusiautti, Vice Rector of the University of Lapland.

The joint objective of the universities is to increase the number of international students in line with the strategy.

– It is particularly important that students in international programmes gain networks with companies in the region during their studies. This way we can respond to the shortage of skilled workers in business world and build networks in Lapland also in our international Master’s studies, says Riitta Rissanen, Rector of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

The universities offered a comprehensive range of degree programmes in English

The Lapland University of Applied Sciences had three English-language Bachelor’s degree programmes in the Joint Application period and one in the Direct application. For the first time, two Master’s degree programmes were also available in the first Joint Application period.

The degree programmes were:
• Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Tourism
• Bachelor of Engineering, Machine Learning and Data Engineering
• Bachelor of Business Administration, International Sustainable Business
• Master Programme in Managing Sustainability and Systems Change, and
• Master Programme in Digital Business Management.

At the same time, the Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing, had own Direct application period.

The University of Lapland offered two Master's Degree programmes in Tourism:
• Master's Degree Programme in Tourism, Culture and International Management, and
• Master's Degree Programme in Northern Tourism.

And one Master's Degree Programme in Art and Design:
• Master's Degree Programme in Sustainable Art and Design.

The results of the Joint Application period will be published by 31.5.2024 at the latest

The spring Joint Application period will continue with Finnish-language programmes in March, with applications starting on 13.3.2024. Applications for all programmes can be submitted online at

For further information

Satu Uusiautti, Vice Rector
University of Lapland
+358 40 484 4150

Riitta Rissanen, Rector
Lapland University of Applied Sciences
+358 40 029 3545