Natalia, Media Education MA student in the University of Lapland

Natalia Nikolaeva, Russia


Natalia enjoys exploring media as well as the beautiful nature around Rovaniemi. As an MA student in Media Education she is enlightened every day and is looking forward to the abundance of possibilities after graduating.

Share a little bit about yourself

Привет! My name is Natalia Nikolaeva, I am 25 and I come from Saint Petersburg in Russia. I’ve always loved traveling and gaining new experiences, having been to Thailand, Turkey, Rome, Paris, Tallinn, Georgia, Norway and more. I can honestly tell you that Lapland is one of the most surprising and wonderful places I have ever been.

How have your studies in the Media Education MA programme changed you?

I have always been a consumer in regards to media, I love my music, TV shows and movies. After studying media education in this master´s programme, I have learned that all media has a message, there is always something deeper and more profound than what is found on the surface. Media itself is alive and deserves to be explored, much like the nature around Rovaniemi.

What is different in the studying process compared to your home country?

The Finnish and Russian education systems are as different as karjalanpiirakka and борщ (Borscht). For one the Finnish teachers have an open door policy and are very accommodating if you need to have any kind of conversation; Russia has a rather strict divide between the association to students in an effort to maintain respect. Neither one is better or worse, it is just different. In my home country there is also a stricter study timetable in which you can only study what is associated to your course and nothing else, whilst in Finland once you are in the University then the entire library of courses are available to you: want to study law…do it! Want to go on an excursion to a reindeer farm…go ahead! I myself am waiting for the weather to change so that I can join the art faculty and learn how to create ice sculptures.

How is your MA programme preparing you for future worklife?

The course itself is offering me a great insight not only into the world of education but in the varied world of research. Every single day offers different tasks which require a creative mind and unwavering motivation to complete. Also as a module I was required to go out into the working world to gain experience in a media company, and after a three month, funded internship I have contacts whom I can rely on and also reflect back on the fact that my media has been seen by hundreds of people all over Lapland. This course is special in the sense that it is a precursor in a field that is still in its infancy and with that comes the abundance of possibilities when I graduate.

How would you define your MA-programme?

In three words…bold, enlightening and expanding. Bold due to the fact that it is a course in its infancy and the students taught are pioneers of the subject. Enlightening due to the amount of analysis media education requires, every day giving you a new perspective. Finally, expanding, because as mentioned above, we are constantly developing ways in which media education can affect our daily lives. The uses and discoveries in this programme are active and present so there is always a new advance in the field happening right on your door step.

Have you got any advice for future students?

Gloves! I cannot stress this enough! The university will fulfil any need you have in regards to education and adaptation to the culture, but please…buy a good pair of gloves…ones with the special coating that lets you use your phone at the same time…you know the ones I mean.

If you want to contact Natalia and ask her more about studying at the University of Lapland or in the Media Education MA programme, you can reach her at: studentambassadors(at)

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