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New book: Arts-Based Methods for Decolonising Participatory Research


Featuring an international, multidisciplinary team of authors, a new book explores how arts-based methods can be utilised in developing more horizontal, democratic and reciprocal research practices. The purpose is to create new approaches, methods and processes for participatory research that supports the perspectives, needs and interests of research participants in their place-based and cultural contexts.

In discussing both the transformative potential and limitations of arts-based methods, the book asks: What can arts-based methods contribute to decolonising participatory research, its processes and practices? How can arts-based methods, for example, challenge hierarchies, foster pluralism, increase multivocality and facilitate dialogue in research? What kinds of tensions, ethical issues and concerns arise when using arts-based methods in participatory research? How can they be addressed?

The book takes part in ongoing debates related to the need to decolonise research and investigates practical contributions of arts-based methods in the practice-led research domain. Further, it discusses the role of artistic research in depth, locating it in a decolonising context.

It presents a wide variety of arts-based methods, ranging from collaborative quilt making, crafts, capoeira, dance and participatory photography to light painting. The cases studies represent research projects from around the world, including countries such as India, Jordan, Malawi, Nepal, Namibia, Canada, Chile, South Africa, Finland and Norway.

The publication will be of interest to scholars working in art history, design, fine arts, service design, social sciences and development studies.

The book is open access, published by Routledge under a Creative Commons license. It is freely accessible for download here.

Edited by Tiina Seppälä, Melanie Sarantou and Satu Miettinen

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