New book on 3D printing


Wolters Kluwer has released “3D Printing, Intellectual Property and Innovation: Insights from Law and Technology” edited by Rosa Maria Ballardini, Marcus Norrgård, Jouni Partanen. This is the first book to discuss 3D printing technology from a multidisciplinary perspective that encompasses law, economics, engineering, technology, and policy.

3D printing (or, more correctly, additive manufacturing) is the general term for those software-driven technologies that create physical objects by successive layering of materials. Due to recent advances in the quality of objects produced and to lower processing costs, the increasing dispersion and availability of these technologies have major implications not only for manufacturers and distributors but also for users and consumers, raising unprecedented challenges for intellectual property protection and enforcement.

Originating in a collaborative study spearheaded by various Universities in Finland and engaging an international consortium of legal, design and production engineering experts, with substantial contributions from industrial partners, the book fully exposes and examines the fundamental questions related to the nexus of intellectual property law, emerging technologies, 3D printing, business innovation, and policy issues.

Dr. Rosa Maria Ballardini from the University of Lapland is the chief editor of the book, as well as an author.

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