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New book on Finnish Art-Education


Experimenting FADS, Finnish Art-Education Doctoral Studies An Innovative Network for PhDs brings together individual and collective voices of researchers, students, and academics to advance experimental and entangled doctoral studies in art education. The story of FADS is situated in the past, present, and future of graduate research in Finland, and arts-based and artistic research across the globe.

This collection of essays describes a network of Finnish universities, scholars, students and research mentors who have come together to foster conversations around art education in the 21st century. Both PhD students and established researchers share their experiences in this book.

Book is edited by Professors Kevin Tavin and Mirja Hiltunen. Dr. Kevin Tavin is Professor of International Art Education, and Head of the Department of Aalto University. Dr. Mirja Hiltunen is Professor of Art Education at the Faculty of Art and Design, University of Lapland, and a Visiting Professor at Aalto University 2016–2017.

More info:

Professor Mirja Hiltunen
+358 40 4844373
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