New research project on elderly living Nordic Arctic region


The Unit for Gender Studies has received funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers for an international research network project to study challenges facing elderly people in the Nordic upper north area.

The research project will highlight how current changes in Nordic welfare states interact with older people living in the Arctic region. Project will provide important information for social welfare policy development in order to address concerns of the well-being and inclusion of older people living in Nordic Arctic communities.

The project entitled "Advancing Elderly People's Agency and Inclusion in the Changing Arctic and Nordic Welfare System" is based at the Unit for Gender studies at the Faculty of Education, and it is led by led by Professor Päivi Naskali and coordinated by Researcher Shahnaj Begum. It is funded by The Nordic Council of Ministers under its Arctic Co-operation programme for 2016–2017. It will be carried out with participants from the University of Umeå in Sweden, the Arctic University of Norway, University of Dalhousie in Canada, University of Akureyri in Iceland, University of Aarhus in Denmark, and University of Oulu and University of Helsinki in Finland.

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