Panel discussion on "Indigenous Knowledge, Governance and Law" on 12 December at 9-12


Welcome to the panel discussion on “Indigenous Knowledge, Governance and Law” on Wednesday 12 December at 9–12. The panel will be held at LS2, University of Lapland main building.

By drawing from their work, research and experiences from different Indigenous nations, leading scholars from Canada will discuss in the panel about their community-based research on Indigenous governance and law.

The panelists and their topics include:

Deborah McGregor ( Whitefish River First Nation and York University): Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Natural Law

Sylvia McAdam (Saysewahum) (nēhīyaw Nation and University of Saskatchewan): Indigenous Sovereignty and Colonial Law

Kenneth Caine (University of Alberta): Indigenous Youth and the Governance of Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada

Elaine Alexie (Teetł'it Gwich'in First Nation and University of Alberta): “Shi'khaihtak Gik’yàaniljii, I am learning": Material cultural practices, embodied relationship to land and its connection to Teetł’it Gwich’in governance in the Canadian Arctic

The panel is organized by the Sámi and Indigenous research of University of Lapland and facilitated by professor Rauna Kuokkanen.

The panel is open to all. Buresboahtin! Welcome!

The panel will also be streamed online. You can watch streaming from

For more information:

Rauna Kuokkanen
Research professor of Arctic Indigenous Studies