Pop-up vaccinations for students available between 6 and 17 September in Rovaniemi


The City of Rovaniemi offers all university students corona vaccinations without an appointment on weeks 36 and 37. The shots are given at the City Hall.

Students can get the vaccination without an appointment on weekdays between 6 and 17 September. The opening hours of the vaccination station are as follows: Mon–Thu 8:15–15:15 and Fri 8:15–13:30. The vaccination station is at the City Hall at Hallituskatu 7. Remember to bring your ID card with you.

On the pop-up vaccination days for students, you can take either the first or the second vaccination without an appointment and regardless of your municipality of residence. You can get the second shot if you have taken the first one at least eight weeks earlier. If you have taken the first shot for example in your municipality of residence elsewhere in Finland, you can take the second one during the pop-up vaccination days.

If you have already reserved an appointment in Rovaniemi, but wish to take vaccination during the pop-up weeks, cancel the appointment beforehand or on the spot. Residents of Rovaniemi may cancel it online at, and non-residents may cancel it by phone at 016 3224913. You may ask the personnel to cancel your upcoming appointment when you enter the vaccination room.

The vaccine gives efficient protection against the serious form of the disease. For more info on the benefits of the vaccination, go to

The full vaccination set is also useful if you are exposed to the virus. In an exposure situation, those who have taken two shots are typically not placed in quarantine. By taking the vaccine you may thus avoid a ten-day quarantine if you have shared a space with an infected person.

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